Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Must Stop in Swift Current, Wong's Kitchen.

I had never been to Wong's Kitchen before and could not find a menu online. I was a bit worried that there wouldn't be anything I could eat there. We went on a Wednesday and they were serving an all you can eat buffet, but you could also order menu items.

I asked the server if there were any items on the buffet that were vegetarian friendly, and she told me that everything had some type of meat in it. However, she quickly told me that they do offer several vegetarian dishes (and these are clearly indicated on the menu). She also said that they would be more than happy to substitute tofu for any of the meat dishes on the menu! I was impressed by her knowledge of the menu and quickness to accommodate me. 

Everyone else in my party ordered the buffet. My food came out very quickly so I was able to eat at the same time as everyone else! I ordered the mushroom chop suey (vegan) and it came with steamed rice. They also offer a vegetarian fried rice and a vegetarian chow mein (I believe). The food was really good and the vegetables were very fresh and not overcooked. The meal also contained fresh bean sprouts and water chestnuts, which was a nice surprise! The portion was ample and I was able to take half of it home!

The rest of the people in my group all thoroughly enjoyed the buffet and went back for seconds. The prices were reasonable. My meal was around $10. Our server was very friendly and attentive. The decor is also very neat and exciting to look at. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. I will definitely visit again next time I'm passing through Swift. 

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